• Friday Favorites – Wishing for Spring…

    Friday Favorites – Wishing for Spring…

    The question every Minnesotan is asking themselves today is “Where the heck is Spring?” We just got pummeled with another 10+ inches of snow last night, and while the sight is beautiful, it feels more like December than April. I’ve been cooped up in the house all winter long, and am so ready to get outside and start on some landscaping projects. Lots planned for this summer! Today’s favorites revolve around my burning desire to get out and start enjoying the outdoors. I guess, looking on the bright side, this last hurrah from winter will make us all appreciate the lovely weather to come just that much more. Cheers to a wonderful weekend!

    01 – I’d love to serve a fresh garden salad in these beautiful wooden salad bowls from Wind and Willow Home.

    02 – Love these colorful herb markers for the garden from From Artisan Hands

    03 – I think the geometric shape of this terrarium from Jechory Glass Designs is splendid. I really do need to invest in some terrariums in order to keep a certain furry kitty from eating my houseplants. He’s destroyed 3 already!

    04 – I love the unexpected simplicity of this birdfeeder from Ingleside Pottery. Every object she makes has been taken to its simplest form and I am in awe of the results.