• Friday Favorites – Naturally Beautiful

    Friday Favorites – Naturally Beautiful

    I was really inspired this past week by a couple of posts I read on two of my favorite blogs, BetterAfter and Design*Sponge.

    First was this post from BetterAfter where the reader took this hideous (& shiny!) looking midcentury side table and totally gave it new life by stripping the paint off and adding a super cute knob. It turned out beautifully and I’m itching to rehab some gross, painted thing now.

    The second post I saw was on Design*Sponge about 10 Fabulous Make-unders. I grew up watching my grandpa work wonders with wood to create furniture, decorative objects and toys for my sisters and I. And, he very rarely painted anything. He loved to bring out the natural beauty of the wood in his creations, and all of them today have stood the test of time without gooey paint jobs & distressed finishes (I CANNOT stand distressed finishes, personally).

    Here are a few objects that take my Grandpa’s wisdom to heart and let the wood speak in all of its natural glory. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

    01 – Simple yet stylish wooden ring from Cool Natural Jewelry

    02 – Wood Tile Placemats from West Elm

    03 – Amazing Wooden Link Necklace by Tory Burch

    04 – Large & Small Serving spoons from EarlyWood Designs, LLC.

  • Friday Favorites – Ikat

    Friday Favorites – Ikat

    The Ikat pattern is a very old, very traditional pattern originally believed to have been developed in pre-Columbian South American regions. It was a technique used to dye fabric and has developed into a very popular modern pattern. I am particularly drawn to the Ikat patterns that look organic and a little fuzzy. I like the bold punch this pattern gives to textiles, particularly in home decor. These are just a few items that caught my eye while scouring the web this week. Enjoy!

    01 – Woven Diamond Ikat Pillow Cover from cwonder.com

    02 – Ikat & Leather foldover clutch from Driftwood & Fossil

    03 – Ikat bowls from West Elm

    04 – Ikat cardigan from Anthropologie