• Friday Favorites – Recent Etsy Finds…

    Friday Favorites – Recent Etsy Finds…

    Happy Friday y’all! Hope everyone made it through this heat wave unscathed. I’ve been trying to keep the plants alive and we finally turned on our sprinkler system this week to keep our grass from dying like last year… oops. I haven’t posted an Etsy roundup for awhile, so I thought I’d let you in on a few items I’ve been coveting lately. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

    01 – I love this stained glass bud vase from Fleeting Stillness. This would look really neat in a bathroom or on a sun porch.

    02 – Awesome Howlite Necklace from Sarah Safavi Jewelry

    03 – I love the color of these Peep-Toe Flats from TamarShalem in Israel.

    04 – This cute embroidered hoop art from Sometimes I Swirl

  • Landscaping Diary – Weeks 4/5

    Landscaping Diary – Weeks 4/5


    Well, almost all of the shutters. I still have 5 more to go, but the ones on the front and east side of the house are up and they look great! I’m so happy with how they turned out. I think the gray looks like it’s always been there – in fact, I have a hard time even remembering what the white looked like!

    I think the gray shutters really help accent the green siding and tie in the dark roof to the overall color scheme of the house. And, we chose a softer gray with a green base which I think does the trick perfectly. Then, add in the dark brown mulch and green grass and everything really meshes well together.

    Remember where we were only a few short months ago?

    And here it is now…

    Things are going well outside – now inside is the problem… haha. More on our next big project later this week (we’re almost halfway done with it already!). But, I’ll leave you with our cute clematis that is doing so well out in front! Some gorgeous purple blooms are emerging and I love how it accents the colors on the house.


  • Friday Favorites – Naturally Beautiful

    Friday Favorites – Naturally Beautiful

    I was really inspired this past week by a couple of posts I read on two of my favorite blogs, BetterAfter and Design*Sponge.

    First was this post from BetterAfter where the reader took this hideous (& shiny!) looking midcentury side table and totally gave it new life by stripping the paint off and adding a super cute knob. It turned out beautifully and I’m itching to rehab some gross, painted thing now.

    The second post I saw was on Design*Sponge about 10 Fabulous Make-unders. I grew up watching my grandpa work wonders with wood to create furniture, decorative objects and toys for my sisters and I. And, he very rarely painted anything. He loved to bring out the natural beauty of the wood in his creations, and all of them today have stood the test of time without gooey paint jobs & distressed finishes (I CANNOT stand distressed finishes, personally).

    Here are a few objects that take my Grandpa’s wisdom to heart and let the wood speak in all of its natural glory. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

    01 – Simple yet stylish wooden ring from Cool Natural Jewelry

    02 – Wood Tile Placemats from West Elm

    03 – Amazing Wooden Link Necklace by Tory Burch

    04 – Large & Small Serving spoons from EarlyWood Designs, LLC.

  • Friday Favorites – Ikat

    Friday Favorites – Ikat

    The Ikat pattern is a very old, very traditional pattern originally believed to have been developed in pre-Columbian South American regions. It was a technique used to dye fabric and has developed into a very popular modern pattern. I am particularly drawn to the Ikat patterns that look organic and a little fuzzy. I like the bold punch this pattern gives to textiles, particularly in home decor. These are just a few items that caught my eye while scouring the web this week. Enjoy!

    01 – Woven Diamond Ikat Pillow Cover from cwonder.com

    02 – Ikat & Leather foldover clutch from Driftwood & Fossil

    03 – Ikat bowls from West Elm

    04 – Ikat cardigan from Anthropologie

  • Friday Favorites – Farmer’s Market

    Friday Favorites – Farmer’s Market

    This morning was nice and sunny and crisp outside. We had some thunderstorms roll through yesterday and attempt to clear out the muggy, incredibly humid air that has been hanging around here all week. The fresh morning air reminded me of going to farmer’s markets in downtown Madison, WI on Saturday mornings with my mom. I love the clusters of people, the smells and of course, the produce. Though there isn’t any produce ripe for the picking thanks to this late start to spring & summer, here’s a few items I’ll pull from my closet when the time is right. Here’s to hoping you all have a good weekend and hopefully enjoy some seasonable weather!

    01 – This large Market Tote from Milkhaus Design would be perfect for carrying all your goodies back home. And, she’s a local Madison, WI artist!

    02 – I’ve had my original pair of Birkenstock sandals for going on 5 years now and they’re still amazing. I like this colorful option too!

    03 – Of course you have to have some shades! Although I’ve never purchased a pair of expensive sunglasses, I’d consider these from Tom’s because of the charity aspect, and I love the style.

    04 – Pair a simple t-shirt with a colorful striped scarf for a casual look that also helps keep you warm on chilly early mornings.

  • Landscaping Diary – Week 3

    Landscaping Diary – Week 3

    Progress is being made on the landscaping! My parents were a HUGE help this past weekend as we all worked to clear out almost all of the rock, bring in some more dirt, pull out half-dead bushes, plant a bunch of new plants and finally mulch all the way around the house!

    Alright – so let’s remind ourselves what the front of the house looked like a couple of weeks ago…

    Apart from nothing being leafed out yet, it is entirely depressing and lacks any type of personality. So, we got rid of all that pink rock, and it started taking shape.

    We removed those half-dead bushes (that the asian beetles really liked) and curved the bed out a little to round off the corner of the house. Much more organic & interesting looking, I think.

    Then, we brought in a load of dirt to bring the level of the beds up a little and have them slope away from the house. This is important to keep water running away from your foundation. No one likes a soggy basement! We also made a Menards trip and loaded up on some plants! Aren’t they cute?

    Then, some landscaping fabric went down and a nice fresh layer of dark brown mulch. Getting there!

    And here is what the front yard is looking like now! So much better!

    The red maple tree also got some lovin’ with a nice new bed underneath complete with hostas and blue bugleweed. Here’s the process. What a difference!

    So did the pine tree on the front corner of the lot. Here’s what it started out as…

    And this is after a little edging and some mulch. Now I don’t have to dance with those long, spiky limbs when I mow!

    The backyard before was full of weeds and it was impossible to mow properly because I had to get right up next to the house.

    So, we started laying the ground work for a larger bed that surrounded the porch and worked to rid the back bed of its resident thistles, dandelions, quack grass & moss.

    And here is the backyard now! Wow! That mulch is just amazing. Now, you can see just how many plants we actually had back there. We only planted a couple of small plants back here in addition to all the wonderful things that were already in place. I can’t wait for everything to bloom and grow!

    And, before I forget, we also got some cute little annuals to go in the front planter on the front stoop. I can’t wait to see how these grow and bloom, they will be such a nice accent to the front of the house!

    Alright, so now I have to finish painting the shutters and re-hang all of those and get a couple of planters planted to accent  the front & side doors. Oh, and we still have a little more rock along the driveway to figure out what to do with. Then, we’ll plant and mulch those beds for the final push to the finish of phase one. Then, it’s on to the patio!

    I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend, despite the kind of disheartening weather. More updates to come!