• Friday Favorites – Gearing up for summer!

    Friday Favorites – Gearing up for summer!

    Switching it up a little this Friday with a chic and comfy summertime outfit! It’s been chilly, rainy and cloudy here for the past week or so, so I’m ready to celebrate the start of summer with some new seasonal pieces for my wardrobe. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend! I’ll be back next week to update you all on the landscaping situation!

    01 – Just might have to go pick up this strapless colorblock dress from Old Navy this weekend. I love the color combination!

    02 – I love these Green Crystal Earrings from KimDulaney. I think that little touch of green is just what this outfit needs.

    03 – I think these strappy leather sandals from Madewell look like the perfect pairing of comfort and style.

    04 – Isn’t this hot pink wicker clutch from J.Crew just screaming summer pool party?

  • Landscaping Diary – Weeks 1 & 2

    Landscaping Diary – Weeks 1 & 2

    I think the overarching theme of these past couple of weeks of work outside has been “don’t stop until you drop”. Both Adam and I have put in many, many hours moving rock, then moving the rock that we already moved, then moving some more rock. It’s exhausting work, but we are finally seeing some results!

    Last week, I finally cleared out the left side of the front bed. It was so satisfying to finally get a nice clear patch of dirt! This past weekend, we both cleared out the right front bed and now we just have along the driveway to clear and a small section on the west side of the house still.

    I also removed all of the shutters and bought some exterior trim paint in a nice dark gray. We’ll see how the paint holds up on the vinyl shutters – I think I am breaking the rules by painting the previously white shutters a dark color, but I’m hoping the exterior paint will hold up.

    The front stoop area is also looking pretty sad. We’re planning on painting the concrete stoop, painting the metal railings dark gray to match the shutters, painting the door and potentially getting a new screen door. It’s hard to want to spend money on this front entryway as we seldom use it. Most people who come over come into the house on the east side, directly into the kitchen. So, hopefully by warming this front door up and making it look more presentable, it will be more approachable and welcoming to guests.

    My parents are coming up this weekend, so there will be lots of projects to post next week! Make way for new plants, mulch, and some painted shutters! I can’t wait!

  • Friday Favorites – Out in the Yard

    Friday Favorites – Out in the Yard

    I’ve been working like a dog out in my yard these past couple of weeks – more on that in an upcoming post! But, I’ve been scouring the web for some great planters and decorative items to give my yard some personality. Here’s a few items I’ve got my eye on!

    01 – These awesome Self-watering Cult pots from West Elm

    02 – I love this metal Sun Art for the side of the house. I would choose the painted copper finish as it’s going to go with my new house color scheme. More on that soon!

    03 – Aren’t these Owl Water Feeders awesome? I have the perfect spot picked out for these in front of the house!

    04 – And, you have to have a good pair of gardening gloves. A must!

  • Friday Favorites – Crazy Cat Lady

    Friday Favorites – Crazy Cat Lady

    I’ve been called a crazy cat lady a few times. OK. Many more than a few times.

    Our cat, Arnold, is pretty much the most awesome beast alive. So, I thought I’d round up a few feline-inspired items for this Friday. Meow!

    01 – Cute cat dish from Lauren Sumner Pottery

    02 – Darling Sterling Silver Necklace from Lunahoo

    03 – Absolutely adorable Kitty Coin Purse from oktak

    04 – Lovely geometric Cat Print from Gingiber

  • A Small Update…

    A Small Update…

    Now that the nice weather has finally arrived (for the time being), I’ve been thinking about some small updates that can be done to our house to give it a little more personality. We’re going to be launching in on some major landscaping projects, so there will be plenty of posts once we get started on that. But, I was out on a walk the other day and started noticing how people use their shutters to either feature an accent color, or just add a little visual interest to the front of their house. Ours are currently white – the same as all of the trim on the outside of the house. So, it got me thinking…

    …what if they were dark gray? Our roof is brand new and a very dark gray, so would dark gray shutters look nice? I couldn’t resist photoshopping an iPhone shot of the front of our house just to see what it would look like. I’d also paint the railings on the front & side stoops. They need to be painted anyways, so why not have them match the shutters.

    What do you think? Should I go for it?

  • Friday Favorites – Wishing for Spring…

    Friday Favorites – Wishing for Spring…

    The question every Minnesotan is asking themselves today is “Where the heck is Spring?” We just got pummeled with another 10+ inches of snow last night, and while the sight is beautiful, it feels more like December than April. I’ve been cooped up in the house all winter long, and am so ready to get outside and start on some landscaping projects. Lots planned for this summer! Today’s favorites revolve around my burning desire to get out and start enjoying the outdoors. I guess, looking on the bright side, this last hurrah from winter will make us all appreciate the lovely weather to come just that much more. Cheers to a wonderful weekend!

    01 – I’d love to serve a fresh garden salad in these beautiful wooden salad bowls from Wind and Willow Home.

    02 – Love these colorful herb markers for the garden from From Artisan Hands

    03 – I think the geometric shape of this terrarium from Jechory Glass Designs is splendid. I really do need to invest in some terrariums in order to keep a certain furry kitty from eating my houseplants. He’s destroyed 3 already!

    04 – I love the unexpected simplicity of this birdfeeder from Ingleside Pottery. Every object she makes has been taken to its simplest form and I am in awe of the results.