• Weekly Pattern – #002

    Weekly Pattern – #002

    This southwest-inspired pattern is based on the same chevron shape as last week’s pattern. A little more colorful, and I like the negative spaces created by the repetition of the pattern.

  • Weekly Patterns – #001

    Weekly Patterns – #001

    Patterns are fun. I think just about everyone can agree with that statement. And I’m no exception.

    As a graphic designer, patterns are challenging to me – especially making ones that can repeat indefinitely. So, I’m challenging myself to design one pattern a week. I’d like to explore different color palettes as well as geometric and more organic forms of pattern-making. We’ll just have to see how it goes!

    This pattern for Week #1 features a broken chevon design in varying shades of a wonderful navy blue (one of my favorite colors, if you haven’t guessed that already). Enjoy!