Landscaping Diary – Weeks 1 & 2

Landscaping Diary – Weeks 1 & 2

I think the overarching theme of these past couple of weeks of work outside has been “don’t stop until you drop”. Both Adam and I have put in many, many hours moving rock, then moving the rock that we already moved, then moving some more rock. It’s exhausting work, but we are finally seeing some results!

Last week, I finally cleared out the left side of the front bed. It was so satisfying to finally get a nice clear patch of dirt! This past weekend, we both cleared out the right front bed and now we just have along the driveway to clear and a small section on the west side of the house still.

I also removed all of the shutters and bought some exterior trim paint in a nice dark gray. We’ll see how the paint holds up on the vinyl shutters – I think I am breaking the rules by painting the previously white shutters a dark color, but I’m hoping the exterior paint will hold up.

The front stoop area is also looking pretty sad. We’re planning on painting the concrete stoop, painting the metal railings dark gray to match the shutters, painting the door and potentially getting a new screen door. It’s hard to want to spend money on this front entryway as we seldom use it. Most people who come over come into the house on the east side, directly into the kitchen. So, hopefully by warming this front door up and making it look more presentable, it will be more approachable and welcoming to guests.

My parents are coming up this weekend, so there will be lots of projects to post next week! Make way for new plants, mulch, and some painted shutters! I can’t wait!

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